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Saving Lives On Highways Around The World!


Road Rage…That incredible urge you get to beat the “you know what” out of some idiot driver who …. (fill in the blank).
While that may be the immediate definition that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “road rage,” it may also mean the frustration you feel just being on the road with other drivers who just don’t realize that their inattention to that massive vehicle under their control may cause an accident, and may possibly even cost someone their life.


MrRoadRage.com exists for several reasons:

• So you can share some of your daily stories, maybe even rant and rave a little about the carelessness of other drivers.

• To bring attention to the causes as well as possible cures of road rage.

• To help save lives on our highways all around the world. (the best reason yet)


Let’s start with a few questions:

• How often do you arrive at work (or some other destination) frazzled and angry because of other drivers?

• How often do you feel the same way once you return home?

• Have there been days you experienced road rage and felt the urge to yank that other driver out of his or her vehicle and beat some sense into their head, or maybe… felt the urge to just beat them senseless?

We have all experienced these emotions, and all too often these feelings happen a bit too frequently, sometimes resulting in confrontations with other drivers, and can even become quite violent, even fatal.


That’s why this website exists, to discuss possible solutions to our highway problems, and you can decide whether or not you want to become a part of the solution or remain a part of the problem.

MrRoadRage.com is coming soon….you don’t want to miss this.