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The MrRoadRage Challenge can be life-changing when it comes to driving.


It’s really very simple… 

Here’s what you do:

  • Watch other drivers. Notice the crazy, dumb, stupid stuff they do while driving, and then….
  • Well….here comes the hard part. Ask yourself if you do any of those same crazy, dumb, stupid things.


Doing this made me so acutely aware of how bad drivers on the road really are. It’s amazing how little people are actually paying attention to the most important thing they could and should be doing while driving….”driving.”

If you see someone doing something crazy, dumb, and or stupid out there on the roads, if you get a chance, tell them to visit MrRoadRage.com.I wouldn’t suggest being confrontational about it, just simply make the suggestion.

When I see people doing stupid stuff, I will be handing them a business card and letting them know they may be featured on my website in the upcoming week or two. But I will be doing it with a smile on my face. I’m not stupid, I want to live.

I may consider using a biz card service provider to allow some of you to purchase the same cards I hand out. It might be a nice way to introduce them to MrRoadRage.com.

Let me know if you like that idea, please. In the meantime, take The MrRoadRage Challenge, then come back here and let us know all the crazy, dumb, stupid stuff you are seeing out there on the highways.

Until next time, please drive safe!


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