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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

Only Idiots Text/Talk & Drive!

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All good things have a beginning. is no exception to the rule. Watch the video above and learn how began. 


Do you ever arrive at your destination all frazzled and angry…because of other drivers? Have you ever wished someone would do something about the idiots out there driving on our highways? 

Expressing those feelings got Greg nominated by his wife to be the person to do something about it, after all, if you’re going to complain, then do something about it. That’s what she said. Seriously. 

The question though, was what to do? After a lot of thought, an idea was born, but Greg didn’t know how to get this project going. Without any experience, he built a website, put up a few blog posts, and the website sat there. It was frustrating as he didn’t have any real experience in these things. 

There was a long road ahead, he had to learn about creating and editing videos. He needed new software, another computer, he needed all the essentials necessary for creating green screen videos and he had to learn how to produce and edit those as well. 

After learning all of these things, Greg didn’t like his website. It just wasn’t right, so he embarked on the journey to totally recreate it. This meant new and better website creation software, which also meant another learning curve. Oh fun!

After a long pain-staking journey, it’s all ready to go. Oh, there’s still much to learn, and there’s a long road ahead, but every journey begins with that first step, right?

Welcome to!

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