Preventing The Loss Of Life Is Much Better Than Grieving The Loss Of Life!


MrRoadRage discusses the major problems contributing to the death and accident rate on our highways.

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How often each week do you head to work only to be delayed because of an accident? A little too often, right? And if you’re on the Interstate, that’s a problem because if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re stuck. At least if you’re in the city, you can find an alternate route. 

According to, there are up to 50 million automobile accidents each year all around the world. That’s almost 170,000 accidents per day.

Every day, someone gets in their car, heads out to work, and winds up in the hospital or the morgue instead. This happens day after day after day. What makes this worse is that is almost always preventable. In other words, someone did something stupid and caused an accident.

Will it be your turn tomorrow? Will it? It happened to someone today who didn’t think it would happen to them. And…some of them died. By the way, according to, 3,561 people die every day. 

Did you know that just under 3000 people on 9/11? 

More people die each day in automobile accidents than died on 9/11, but because we only see or hear about a few locally each day, no one really knows how bad these numbers really are. If 9/11 happened every single day, a lot of people would be very upset about that, but few people know just how many actually die on our highways each day.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in the best interest of keeping you alive, I have to speak out.

Now that I have spoken out, you know what the problem is, and for every problem, there is usually a solution. Would you prefer to be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution? You will be one or the other. 

What if a careless driver kills or injures someone you care about? Would that prompt you to become a part of the solution? If so, you should consider becoming a part of the solution now. Why? Because it’s much better to prevent the loss of life than to grieve the loss of life, that’s why?

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