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DRIVING PET PEEVES – Those stupid things that other drivers do that endanger the lives of other drivers.

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Driving Pet Peeves

One of the hot topics I’ll be discussing on this website is driving Pet Peeves. There are so many driving pet peeves, it’s crazy. Ask your family, friends, and co-workers what their driving pet peeves are and see how many different answers you get.

I’m going to be jumping all over driving pet peeves. Why? Because…..most are nothing short of drivers doing stupid stuff out there on the highways, stuff that endangers the lives of others, stuff that kills over a million drivers all around the world each year and injures up to 50 million people every year.

Whenever I have the opportunity to meet others during my daily travels, I like to ask what their driving pet peeves are. While I hear a lot of different answers, I have come to notice one answer I hear more than others. People NOT using their turn signals.

But regardless of the replies I get, there is one other thing I also notice… the frustration of those I am talking with when it comes to other drivers. I completely understand this frustration as I see lots and lots of stupid stuff out there when I’m driving. I bet you do too.

Some of the top pet peeves involve people texting or talking while driving. One gentleman I recently talked with said he had a conversation with a guy who worked on an EMS crew. He was told that they are seeing more and more accidents that are the result of texting or talking while driving.

I suspect this will eventually overtake drinking and driving as one of the main causes of automobile accidents. I saw a couple of videos on Facebook recently of drivers whose dashcams recorded their accident while they were on the phone while driving. I suspect they wanted to share their videos as a testimony to others regarding what can and does happen when people use their phone while driving.

How often do you see other drivers talking on their phone while driving? How often do you see them texting while driving? I bet I know your reply…”way too often.”

Drinking, talking, and texting while driving account for about 60% of all accidents in America. I plan on aggressively attacking these issues as we can greatly reduce the accident rate just by getting people to stop doing these things. After all, it is a decision they make. Perhaps an aggressive campaign is the very thing it will take to facilitate change. Let’s find out. Somebody has to do something, right? 

In the meantime…

What are your driving pet peeves? Please leave your reply in the comment box below!

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