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Stupid Drivers



Stupid drivers seem to be everywhere, you’ve seen them, right? Ask others about the stupid drivers they’ve seen and you will probably hear an ear full.

When I am out and about and get into conversations with other people, I usually ask them about their driving pet peeves, and I hear a ton of crazy stories. I also see a lot of frustration and even anger welling up in people as they tell me some of the stupid stuff they have seen out there on the highways.

You probably have a story to share too. You know you do, so go ahead and use the comment box below and share your stories. And yes, I am expecting to hear some crazy, stupid stuff.

It’s story time, so let’s hear it!


Road Rage kills



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2 Responses

  1. author

    Lance1 month ago

    Okay, here’s my story.

    A couple of days ago, in Springfield, MO, my nephew was involved in a road rage incident. I can’t mention names because he is only 17.

    Basically he was driving home from work, down I-44 just outside Springfield. When he came upon a slow driver. My nephew moved to the left lane to pass but the other driver made an aggressive move and cut him off. Then flipped the finger out the window. My nephew moved back to the right lane and sure enough so did the other driver. A few miles up the road my nephew saw his chance and made his move to pass and this time got around the other driver. Who then began tailgating, honking and shouting. My nephew couldn’t hear him, but could clearly see him in the mirror since he was so close. A few more miles and my nephew took an exit to head for home. The other driver followed, still honking off and on. My nephew made several turns and the other driver followed. He pulled into a service station and the other driver followed and stopped behind him. My nephew pulled out and the guy squalled tires trying to stay with him. Several turns later my nephew decided he did not want this nut following him home. So he pulled into another service station and shut off the car. The other driver pulled up and got out. My nephew got out.

    Now, a quick word about my nephew. He’s 17 and was raised in South Alabama. He is a high school senior this year. He has played baseball and football at the high school level, but not this year. This year he joined a competition cheerleading team. Not affiliated with his school. He does cheerleading and tumbling. One thing cheerleading does for you, it builds upper body strength! This nut comes over and gets in my nephews face and pushes him. With one punch my nephew laid him out on the ground moaning. Got back in his car and drove home.

    Now. That’s probably not the ‘best’ way to handle that situation. But I’m pretty proud of him! And as for the nut job? He’ll probably think twice before following some other stranger home.

    • author

      MrRoadRage1 month ago

      Lance, here’s to hoping that nut job learned his lesson! There are some real crazies out there. I have more stories coming in the future. Here’s a quick one that happened to my wife today. She was at the grocery store getting ready to leave and a car pulled up behind blocking her in. My wife got out of her vehicle and asked this lady to move. The woman said she was in need of a hit and wanted to know if my wife could spare a couple of dollars. She didn’t like the answer she got and then moved her car and blocked someone else in. Oh…where are the cops when you want one?


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