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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

Only Idiots Text/Talk & Drive!

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EU set to miss target for halving road deaths by 2020

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The EU admitted Tuesday it is unlikely to hit its target of halving road deaths by 2020, saying that efforts to improve safety reduced fatalities by just 300 last year. A total of 25,300 people were killed on EU roads in 2017, and 135,000 were seriously injured. The bloc has poured money into its plan to…

Thoughts from MrRoadRage

The EU thought it could reduce highway deaths by improved safety measures. While I am all for improved safety measures, perhaps they aren’t realizing one very important fact, cars don’t kill people, people kill people.

To be more precise in my statement, perhaps they aren’t considering the people element in this equation. You can build the safest roads in the world, and you can build the safest cars in the world, but people are still going to die on our highways because of the stupidity of other drivers.

The stats are quite clear, a third of all accidents are alcohol related, while close to a third are cell phone (talking and/or texting) related. Neither of these have anything to do with how well the roads are built or how well automobiles are built.

These 2 stats alone account for around 60% of all highway accidents in America. You can reduce this equation down to two words, operator error. You can also reduce this equation down to one word… STUPIDITY.

The EU thinks they can reduce the accident rate by 50% by improved safety measures. I contend that they are in error. Unless someone deals with the “stupidity factor” things are not going to change much, in fact, they might just get worse.

That is why MrRoadRage exists, to be that voice in the wilderness crying out in hopes of saving lives on highways all around the world. 

Get on Social Media and tell everyone you know about this lunatic who is crazy enough to think he can change things. Someone has to do it, but I can’t do it alone. I need your help to get the word out. Remember how your parents taught you to share when you were very young? Now is the time to put it to use, get out there and share this news! I’m counting on you!!!

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