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Join Greg as he shares one of his many stupid driving stories. Stupidity seems to be in abundance on our highways.

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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

Only Idiots Text/Talk & Drive!

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Stupid drivers seem to be everywhere, you’ve seen them, right? Ask others about the stupid drivers they’ve seen and you will probably hear an ear full.

When I am out and about and get into conversations with other people, I usually ask them about their driving pet peeves, and I hear a ton of crazy stories. I also see a lot of frustration and even anger welling up in people as they tell me some of the stupid stuff they have seen out there on the highways.

You probably have a story to share too. You know you do, so go ahead and use the comment box below and share your stories. And yes, I am expecting to hear some crazy, stupid stuff.

It’s story time, so let’s hear it!

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Road Rage kills



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