Careless Drivers Injure & Kill Thousands of People Every Day

YOU (or a loved one) COULD BE NEXT

Let's keep you and your family safe and alive when you drive!

Nearly 1.3 Million People Die On Highways Around The World Each Year. That's an average of 3,561.64 deaths per day...every day.
That's like 9/11 happening EVERY SINGLE DAY.


As many as 50 million are injured in automobile accidents each year.
That's almost 137,000 people injured each day...WoW!

The odds of it happening to you or someone you love increase with each passing day. Will you be next?


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Driving Pet Peeves

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MrRoadRage…a man on a mission to help save lives on our highways!
Would you agree that in order to beat the problem, we’ve got to get to the root of the problem?
I have settled on 4 key areas that I feel need addressing. I will attack some of these issues very hard.
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Working together, we can save lives on our highways! The life you save may one day be your own or that of a loved one.

Please drive safe. Drive carelessly and you may be featured on this website.

Driving Pet Peeves

How often do you arrive at your destination all frazzled and angry because of other drivers? Waaaaaay to often, right? Frustrated drivers are not safe drivers I venture to say that this category is a much greater cause of accidents than people realize. I call it “Stoooopidity.” This is a broad subject and I have lots of videos coming about driving pet peeves. Unfortunately, everyone but you is guilty, right? Guess what? I have a plan to help reduce this problem. Take “The MrRoadRage Challenge,” it will change how you look at driving. Please, tell everyone you know! Get involved!

Drinking & Driving

How would you feel if a drunk driver killed or injured someone you love? How would you feel if you killed or injured someone because you were drinking and driving?  A person has to be a complete idiot to drink and drive. Wait until you see the t-shirts & other products I have designed to aggressively attack this issue. The time for being nice about drinking and driving is over. If people insist on acting like idiots, then I insist on treating them as such. Spread the word please!

Texting & Driving

How often do you see people texting and driving? Way too often, right? Someone who talked with an EMS person said they reported they are seeing more and more and more accidents due to people texting or talking while driving. Drinking & driving may not lead the statistics much longer.

Talking & Driving

Don’t you hate to see this, people talking on the phone, weaving or driving erratically, and often slower than other traffic on the Interstate, and…totally oblivious that there are other drivers on the road? Distracted drivers ARE NOT safe drivers. You aren’t guilty of this, are you?


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3 Ways You Can Support This Mission

MrRoadRage would love to devote full time towards this mission, but in order for that happen, this website, this mission, needs to provide a full-time income. Here are several ways you can help:

  • MrRoadRage will be aggressively attacking issues like drinking & driving, texting & driving, and talking on the phone while driving. Consider helping to spread the message by purchasing the various products intended to get the message out there, such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, cups, mousepads, etc. The more we can keep these messages in front of others, the more effective this outreach will be.
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