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What if there were lanes intended for faster drivers and lanes intended for slower drivers? What if? Watch and see!

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It’s a war out there. Slow drivers hate fast drivers. Fast drivers want to push slow drivers off the road. Did you know that there are driving lanes especially for slow drivers? Did you know that there are driving lanes especially for fast drivers?

Unfortunately, there are too many people who don’t know this. Watch the video above and see for yourself that there really are lanes for slow drivers and lanes for fast drivers.

Now if we can just get people to use the proper lanes, a lot of problems out there on the highways would cease to exist.

I’ve talked with slow drivers who like to drive in the passing lane. They feel it is their duty to slow down the fast drivers. One of their driving pet peeves happens to be the fast drivers who weave in and out of traffic trying to pass everyone else. 

There’s a little something the slow drivers aren’t considering…the fast drivers are weaving in and out of the slow drivers. The slower drivers are the cause of the very thing they hate. If the slower drivers would keep right as the signs say to do, there would be very little weaving.

It seems the solution is just a bit too simple. What are your thoughts on this matter? Post them in the comment box below please!

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