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If you had a James Bond Car, what one thing would you like your car to have to help you deal with idiots on the road?

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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

Only Idiots Text/Talk & Drive!

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That’s how the question begins….”what if?” So let’s finish the question…. What if your James Bond car had _____?

You get to fill in the blank. Go ahead, use your imagination, what would you like your James Bond car to have as one of its wonderful features? Please share in the comment box, and then share on social media, let’s see what everyone would like their James Bond car to have. There may be as many different answers as there are people answering this question.

If you’re having a little trouble answering this question, just think back to the last time you felt a little road rage starting to stir up in your brain while you were driving, and think about what you would love to do because of it. That might just provide you the answer you’re looking for. Then check out my post about Jeff Dunham and Walter and see what Walter says about idiots on the highways.

As for me….I answered that question in the video above, and yes, I had a little fun with it, the imagination is a wonderful thing! Here’s to hoping you enjoy!

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