Preventing The Loss Of Life Is Much Better Than Grieving The Loss Of Life!

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Join Greg for Part 1 of  “The Tombstone Series” as he once again wonders into that wonderful land of imagination.

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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

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If tombstones told the world what kind of driver you were, what might your tombstone say about your driving habits?

I bet you have never thought about something like that happening, have you? If this was the normal practice where you lived, would it cause you to be a better driver, to be more cautious, to be a safer driver?

If so, may I ask why you aren’t doing that already? If you would be so worried about something like that being written on your tombstone, I would think you might also be concerned what people might think of you if you “accidentally” killed someone in a car wreck.

Every single day in America, someone accidentally kills someone else. Actually, it happens a lot, to the tune of 100-150 people a day. If you’re concerned about what people might think about you, perhaps you should commit your life to becoming a better, safer driver.

It’s just a thought.

Until next time, please drive safe!

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