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MrRoadRage discusses possible solutions regarding the death and accident rate on our highways.

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Only Idiots Drink & Drive!

Only Idiots Text/Talk & Drive!

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With 1.3 million people dying on highways around the world each year and up to 50 million being injured each year, something just has to be done. There must be a solution to this problem. I have p0ndered this question for several years, wondering what could possibly be done. 

I don’t really believe it’s a matter of figuring out what could be done as much as it is this…how do you motivate people to do the things they should be doing? For instance, there are laws in place with legal consequences, yet people still drink and drive all the time. So this isn’t working so well.

They’ve been asked nicely…please don’t drink and drive, and that isn’t working so well either.

People know they shouldn’t drink and drive, they know they shouldn’t text and drive, they know they shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving. The list goes on and on, and still, they keep on doing the same stupid things day in and day out, and in the process they are killing and injuring lots of people.

Think about it for a moment, a person has to be a complete idiot to drink and drive, we all know that. So here’s my thought, if they are going to act like idiots, perhaps the time has come to treat them as such. Being nice doesn’t seem to work, so maybe it’s time to stop being nice.

Perhaps it’s time to use the ultimate in peer pressure tactics. What do I mean by that? Keep reading…

What if there was a message out there that would make these idiots not want to do something that would make them appear as an idiot? I mean…no one wants to be known as an idiot, right? 

Soooo…I’ve developed what I call “The Idiot Message.”

Imagine this if you will…a person who drinks and drives starts seeing people wearing t-shirts, or hats with the idiot message on it. They see this same message on bumper stickers, on cups in the office, and those who sell advertising start posting the idiot message in some of their unused ad space. In other words, they see the idiot message over and over and over again wherever they look.

What is this idiot message you ask? Here it is…

Only Idiots Drink and Drive.
Only Idiots Text and Drive.
Only Idiots Talk On The Phone and Drive.

These three things account for about 60% of accidents in America. In other words, 60% of accidents are very easily prevented, well, except for the fact that there are few too many idiots out there that want to stand up and show the world they are idiots. That’s what they would be doing if we could get these idiot messages out there so that they are seen by the masses.

No one wants to be known as an idiot. If we can keep these messages in front of them, sooner or later the message will start to sink in.

That’s just one part of my plan. Watch the video above to see the rest of it. In the meantime, please leave your comments below.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I know that calling people idiots isn’t very nice, but then again, it isn’t very nice of them to kill several thousand people a day and injure up to 170,000 people per day. The time for being nice has passed, don’t you think?

Watch the video, and leave your comments below, please! Let’s have some good old-fashioned open discussion about this subject.

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